General science chemistry for railway

   On which reaction hydrogen bomb
 (A) Nuclear Fission (B) Nuclear Fusion. (C) mutation (D) constellation Protected Which reaction or nuclear based nuclear bomb
 (A) Nuclear Fusion (B) Transmission (C) convection (D) Nuclear Fission Who is the radar inventor? 
 (A) Greek Heat (B) Lendstiner (C) Albert Taylor (D) Who discovered the neutrons -
 (A) Rutherford (B) Pauli (C) Randasa (D) Chad Who discovered the law of the spirits - (A) Soli (B) Einstein (C) The summary (D) Mankind The first nuclear reactor was created in the direction of 
 (A) POWN (B) AIRIC + 4 (C) MOORELE (D) ROGER BACON When the first hydrogen bomb was built - (A) 1953 (B) 365 (C) 1930 (D) 1952 What kind of particles are the protons - (A) halfless (B) money charged (C) loan minus (D) None What type of electron is the particle - (A) the money commissioner (B) loan charged (C) (D) None What types of particles are neutrons? (A) Money immobile (B) Loose charged (C) Appeal (D) None of these Who did the invention of atomic bomb - (A) Oohon (B) Michael Swire. (C) William Shawk (D) Galileo When made the first atom bomb
 (A) 1945 (B) 1952 (C) 1854 ( D )1932 Who discovered the electron - 
 (A) Andersen (B) Rutherford (C) JJ cluster (D) James Chadwick Who had 
- (A) Rutherford (B) Rollstein (C) Dalton (D) melon

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