general science chemistry for railway

1. What is the rate of flow of electric charges called?
(a)  Electric potential
(b)  electric conductance
(c)  Electric current
(d)  none of these

2.  Which of the following is the SI Unit of Electric Current?
(a)  ohm
(b)  ampere
(c)  volt
(d)  faraday

3.  Which instrument is used for measuring electric potential?
(a)  Ammeter
(b)  galvanometer
(c)  voltmeter
(d)  potentiometer

4.  When one unit electric charge moves from one point to another point in an electric circuit, then the amount of work done in joules is known as?

(a)  Electric current
(b)  electric resistance
(c)  electric conductance
(d)  potential difference

5.  The hindrance presented by material of conductor to the smooth passing of electric current is known as:
(a)  Resistance
(b)  Conductance
(c)  Inductance
(d)  None of these

6.  The resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to:
(a)  Its area of cross-section
(b)  density
(c)  melting point
(d)  length

7.  The purpose of a rheostat is:
(a)  Increase the magnitude of current only
(b)  Decrease the magnitude of current only
(c)  Increase or decrease the magnitude of current
(d)  None of these

8.  Point to be kept in mind for verification of Ohm’s Law is:
(a)  Ammeter and voltmeter should be connected in series
(b)  Ammeter should be connected in series and voltmeter in parallel
(c)  Ammeter should be connected in parallel and voltmeter in series
(d)  Ammeter and voltmeter should be connected in parallel

9.  When a 40V battery is connected across an unknown resistor there is a current of 100 mA in the circuit. Find the value of the resistance of the resistor:
(a)  5000 Ω
(b)  800 Ω
(c)  0.8 Ω
(d)  none of these

10.  A battery of 6V is connected in series with resistors of 0.1 ohm , 0.15 ohm,0.2 ohm,0.25 ohm and 6 ohm. How much current would flow through the 0.3 ohm resistor?
(a)  0.895A
(b)  2.22A
(c)  1A
(d)  none of these

11.  A fuse wire is inserted in a?
(a)  Live wire
(b)  In the neutral wire
(c)   In the earth wire
(d)  May be connected in any line.

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